We’re BAAAAAAaaaaaack

Ok, most of you know we never actually left in real life (because we see you every 4-6 weeks) but we have been fairly absent from the interwebs for the last year. Well our hiatus has come to an end and we are back and ready to blog. We have a new and updated site, which most of you have become familiar with already when scheduling your reservations. We decided to forgo the blog for a time while we transitioned to the new & improved site partly because we knew we just had a crazy busy year on our plates and partly because a fresh start sometimes feels so good- amIright?  So we said adios to our old content and decided to begin anew when we were ready to hit you with some great new stuff, and here we are!

We thought we would give you a quick update about what we’ve been up to in the last year and what better time to do a yearly roundup/breakdown than December?!

This has been a big year for us. We started the year by hiring a business coach who specializes working with hairstylists and that renewed our drive to make our little salon the best it could be… and sort of pushed us to make the leap into opening another one. The first half of the year was spent getting ducks in a row, making banking changes and becoming certified in new talents. The back half of the year has consisted of using those new talents to expand into our new space down the hall, and thus the Lash Lab & Arch Asylum was born. We still do hair (so much hair) its our first love, there are no plans to change that- stating because we have been asked. LoCKs Studio as you know it ain’t going anywhere, it just had a baby is all. So the Lab & Asylum is where we do lashes and brows. Lauren is certified in eyelash extensions, lifts and tints. Kanani is certified in microblading for eyebrows- if you don’t know what that is, fret not, you’re not alone and we have a whole post explaining it coming your way pronto.

If you have any ideas for us regarding any trends you’ve seen, tutorials you’d want to learn from or general beauty wtf’s you’d like explained please email us at [email protected] we would love to bring you content that YOU WANT TO READ.


We love you so much and we are so happy you’re here, as well as in our chairs.


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