So you’re a homeschool teacher now?

We are all suddenly doing things we weren’t doing about 10 days ago. We are also NOT doing things we were regularly doing about 10 days ago. One of my new “jobs’ has been to teach my kids…. At home. 

I had no illusions about how valuable teachers are BC (before COVID), as my mom and grandpa were both teachers, but my appreciation for them has reached new depths AC (after COVID).  My sons teachers are hustling so hard to morph their curriculum into a workable online system and venturing into totally unknown waters with such grace. 

A lot of what we have been doing comes straight from their teachers, however I have had to get creative with a few other things so that I can keep them both learning at the same time and I decided to compile those resources here. I hope they help you navigate your new role as a homeschool teacher, or at least buy you a few minutes of guilt free peace. I am not an educator or a homeschool mom, I’m just sharing what has been helpful to us & I hope you’ll share what’s worked for you as well!

This is an awesome site that will help with the hunt & peck struggles. It incorporates games at each level they pass which keeps them engaged.

Free printable worksheets for levels K-12 in all subjects. We have only explored math so far but I’m sure we will expand in the coming weeks.

Math worksheets geared from K-5.

These are Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems.

Several people on Instagram and a local Mom’s group I am in have mentioned this and we plan to try it out after Spring Break. We didn’t use it last week because my oldest received some Art projects from his teacher. 


My kids fight over who gets to use Epic! They love the “read to me” books and could sit there listening and reading for literally hours. Check with your child’s teacher, they may be able to give you free access for the rest of the school year because of the closures. 

Rad & Happy

For $5/ month you get 3-5 adorable hand drawn printable coloring sheets. They can also be converted to be colored on an iPad which is actually quite therapeutic for an adult. I speak from personal experience! The creator of these is SO awesome & positive. 

Kiwi Co

Production on these MAY be paused during this time so I am not sure if you can actually get them in your hands but they’re AWESOME activity kits that utilize STEAM learning models. They have different kits for different ages.

Marvel Superhero Training is one of the skills that comes in the FreeTime app for the Kid’s Alexa. Its a fun interactive “training” that gives them some movement and is a fun little “brain break” when they’re sick if sitting still. One can go do this in their room while I get the other one set up with one of the other activities listed here. 

One of the things we have been trying to do is a daily quiet time that doesn’t involve a screen. Its good for them to just relax and honestly I need the break just as much. My kids aren’t nappers so they need something to do to keep them entertained. 


We have introduced them to a few podcasts (again on their Kids Alexa). These are a few they have tried and liked so far. 

*Brains On!

*Circle Round

*Wow in the World

Reading (only my oldest can sit and do this by himself, but its nice to have one with the option)

Building Legos

Epic! Audiobooks (this is the section where the app reads to them only and they do not need to look at the screen). Usually I will set them up with a set of my bluetooth headphones and they can listen in their room and I keep the iPad or computer in the kitchen… just so the temptation to click over to videos isn’t there. 

So that’s it! I hope those are helpful!

If you have some resources I didn’t list PLEASE drop them in the comments! I need all the help I can get!

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