Kanani Yasui

Hi I’m Kanani! 
I was born to be in this industry. From the moment I could talk I was begging my mother to put makeup on me and curl my hair… she finally caved at age 2! After that I started practicing my talents regularly on my dolls and at age 10 my cousin was born and I finally had a real life barbie doll who’s hair could actually grow back!! Let’s just say my cousin has been getting cut, colored, waxed and experimented on from a very early age! At 13,  when my family could really see that I actually knew what I was doing I began doing the entire family’s hair and then that turned into friends and friends of friends. I was really serious about making my passion my career one day. After high school I worked for a few years and continued to do hair out of my kitchen sink while at the same time trying to convince my grandpa that I did not want to go into the police academy (because that is so not me at all) and that cosmetology school was where I needed to be! Finally Grandpa caved and I enrolled in Paul Mitchell the School Denver and met my brain twin, Lauren and it’s been symphonic and magical since. I now live in Portland with my cats & crew but I visit and maintain a Denver clientele for the foreseeable future.
I am a coloring and cutting specialist. I’ll not only make you look great I will bring life back to your hair. I am a precision cut specialist and am very well versed in any length of hair,  especially short and funky modern cuts. I am also highly qualified with extension cutting and blending. I am a perfectionist and your time in my chair is everything to me. I love developing personal relationships with all of my clients. Other areas of focus for me are weddings and photoshoots. I love classic beautiful looks for weddings and enjoy our busy wedding season beautifying blushing brides. On the flip side I have a knack for wilder, crazier, special FX makeup that I love getting to bust out for themed photoshoots as often as possible.
In the last few years eyebrow Microblading has become my passion and I am a National Educator in the craft. I can correct shape and give a facelift just by correcting your eyebrows and giving you the perfect semi permanent set. I am one of the leading Microbladers in the Western United States. For consultations please contact me at (720) 434-6999.