Hard Reset

“Strange times” is the phrase I keep hearing and even using to try to sum up what it is we’re going through, as humanity, right now. Its clearly not enough. I don’t think much could possibly be enough to encompass the global pandemic that we are living through. 

No matter where you stand on the virus or the response to the virus, one thing is for certain. Our lives will never be the same. 

Society hit the hard reset button with this one. And its scary as hell. But there’s opportunity here. For everyone. I mean it. I’m a small business owner with a tight profit margin and even I believe that we are going to come out of this for the better. We may have a rough year, or a few to fight back from. But fight we will. Because that’s what we do. We overcome and adapt and literally change our DNA over time to become better at surviving. We are amazing, even when we’re broken, hell especially when we are broken and its never been more clear to me than it is now.

Every day I see new and terrifying information & projections that involve the words death toll and free-fall and recession. But every day I also see people pushing good out into the world, pushing out hope, pushing out love. I see people filming funny videos just to make people chuckle. I see people finding ways to support small businesses whether its through reviews or gift card purchases. I myself have had a FLOOD of clients offer to prepay for their next appointment to help float me in the interim of this quarantine. I see people showing images of the way that the Earth has healed itself in areas just coming out of quarantine with reduced pollution statistics. Celebrity performers are live streaming free mini concerts from their basements & garages because they can’t bear the thought of letting their fans down who can no longer see them on tour. The government is working around the clock and across the aisle on relief packages the likes of which this country has never seen before to make sure we can and will all recover from not only the threat of the virus but of the economic paralysis and pending atrophy. There is so much good to see. We just have to look for it.

I’ve heard people compare how “easy” this all is compared to the generations that were called to war. There are points to be had there to be sure. But lets not sell ourselves short. This is hard. This is scary. This is something that will forever change all of us and the world we live in. And this is also our moment. This is our chance to show the generations that follow that this is what WE are made of.  This is our beach, our battlefield and potentially our legacy. Our ability to adapt and overcome the challenges of total market shut downs, across the board homeschooling & maintaining a functioning healthcare system will be in history books someday. So how do you want to be remembered? As someone who perpetuated fear & cynicism? Or someone who rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt society and the economy for the better brick by brick. 

I know which one I’m going to be. I promise to keep showing up and adding positive value day in and day out. I promise to compile resources on self care, homeschooling and whatever else you tell me you need from me because I am committed to being a light in the darkness. And you can be too. 

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