Every New Beginning is Some Other Beginnings End

As the year comes to a close one thing we always love to sit down & do is plot our world domination for the coming year. And to do that we are both hooked on our Passion Planners. Seriously these planners are IT if you’re still about actually physically writing your life down. We obviously have a major use for digital calendars as well since we have online booking for reservations, but for everything else we are constantly juggling, writing it all down is a MUST. The two of us manage 2 businesses, 2 kids, 4 nephews, 2 nieces, 5 godchildren, 4 cats, 2 dogs, ongoing education, national master instructing obligations, work travel, long distance relationships/friendships, one firefighter husband and never-ending grocery lists. If we don’t write it down it doesn’t exist. Seriously. A few years ago a dear friend gave Kanani a Passion Planner as a gift and it changed both of our lives. Every year we pre-order around October, receive them in November and organize our lives through December. And these planners are truly special because of their content and they way they’re set up, which sets YOU up for success. We are not so much Resolution people as we are goal diggers, and this planner friends, is the key to the kingdom.


And they’re so prettttyyyyyy

The Month View Includes a space for a monthly goal, people to see, places to go, a NOT to-do list, space for personal & work projects WITH due dates (writing these down makes it SO MUCH MORE LIKELY YOU’LL DO IT!) and a blank space to “mind map” your goals. The front section of the planner explains mind maps and ways to set up your goals for maximum success.

Weekly view runs vertically, which is just more satisfying to our brains and we can plot 16 hours of the day down to the half hour mark. There is also a place to write the week’s focus, good things that happened, your to-do lists, your “space of infinite possibility” and a motivational quote.

At the end of the month you review the past month, using your lists, tasks and goals accomplished to assess your new goals for the coming month.

It doesn’t take much time daily and it really makes a huge difference. Its more “work” than your average day-timer and it is definitely A LOT of structure, but it is SO SO SO satisfying. I mean we have grown a business from nothing to two thriving businesses in less than 6 years and we are still able to draft out time to love on our families and take time off to enjoy life, so I would say they’re worth the time, money and efforts. This post is NOT sponsored and solely an expression of our own love of this planner and their brand.

What are YOUR goals or resolutions? Do you still use a pen/paper planner?



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