Change is in the Hair


Now that things are more stamped and official and u-hauls have been booked, we are ready to more formally announce our new adventures. If you’ve been into the salon recently you pretty much know the rundown on the changes that are afoot, but if you haven’t been recently we are here to break it all down for you.

Firstly, we have moved right next door into Studio 23. The main reason for the move is that we aren’t going to be needing room for both of us to work at the same time very often anymore because, drumroll…. Kanani is gong to be moving to Portland. WHAT? Yes you read that right. But never fear- its not goodbye, its more of a see ya later. She does have plans to come back periodically and will communicate the scheduling and coordinating of that to you directly if you are a client of hers so that you can still see her when she travels back to Colorado in the future.

In the course of moving and making changes Lauren has decided to completely rebrand & rename in light of all the other changes happening (why not right?) and will be operating as Lather & Sage beginning in August. To be completely transparent, we had talked a lot about it and I just didn’t want to be LoCKs without my other half, it only seemed right to open it and close it together, hence the name change. Also, in all honesty getting the business changed from a multi partner LLC to a sole owner LLC was the very dictionary definition of complicated, so it was actually easier for us to dissolve the LoCKs LLC and Lauren to open a new one individually. The website and social pages will all be updated in the coming weeks.

We are both going to transition away from Schedulicity for appointment booking to other platforms, its looking like we both may use Square Scheduling individually, but we will absolutely let you know once the official changes are made. On the surface it will all be the same as far as bookings, confirmations and reminders, it just makes things a little easier for us to book individually on the back end. We are in the process of moving all appointments to their new platforms, so if you have a future reservation don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything we will move it all for you- if you don’t have an appointment booked and were wanting to get on the books give us a couple of days to get the kinks ironed out and we will email you again early next week with the details of where you can make those reservations.

As we have been making all the physical and legal changes behind the scenes to make this transition for everyone smooth we have had some heavy heart-to-hearts and cried quite a few tears. We are SO happy for one another though, so although we won’t be business partners on paper anymore, we will always be partners in crime and thats a promise.

I hope you’ll all join me in giving Kanani so much love on her new journey to the Pacific Northwest and let her know how much she means to all of us and how much we will miss her- again even though its not goodbye, its just see ya later.

If you have any questions for either or both us us please feel free to ask!

Thanks so much for your continued support through the transitions! We are working hard to make sure its as smooth as possible!



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