Best of Beauty Worthy of the New Year

Every year there are advancements made to the products and tools we love in the beauty industry. Sometimes these new developments are a total flop and sometimes they literally change your life. We can’t help but want to guinea pig a lot of the new things we see, and frankly we have access to sales, specials & samples from companies being that we’re in the beauty industry. So we thought we would break down the bests that we’ve acquired over the last year if you’re in the market to add or replace some aspects of your beauty regimen.

SOME of the things on these lists are available for sale at our salon, thats not why we are including them, we are including them because we love them hard (which is why we carry the things we carry in the first place). Further, this post is NOT sponsored by any of the companies listed, all opinions are our own and we are not being compensated for shouting our love from the rooftops.


/1//Living Proof Dry Shampoo /2//ghd Classic Straightener /3//ghd Curve Curling Iron /4// Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer /5//WET Detangling Brush

/1// Living Proof Dry Shampoo: This is THE best dry shampoo period. We have tried them all and this is the real deal. It actually cleans your hair, smells great and you don’t need half a can per application. Available at LoCKs Studio or other Professional Salon Retailers such as Ulta. If you see this at Target or the grocery store don’t buy it- its diverted (we will explain this in a future post). You should always buy your haircare products from a licensed professional. $22

/2// ghd Classic Straightener: This is our favorite smoothing iron we’ve ever used. The plates are coated to protect your hair, the heat is consistent and the plates will flex together and slip so you never end up with that crease line because your tension is never that of a vice grip. Available by pre-order at LoCKs Studio or again other Professionally Licensed Retailers. $150-180

/3// ghd Curve Curling Iron: This curling iron is 1.25″ which in our opinion is the perfect size. We use it for bridal styles and beach waves alike. Heats up crazy fast with one touch and maintains temperature consistently. Available by pre-order at LoCKs Studio or again other Professionally Licensed Retailers. $150-180

/4// Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer: We are not going to lie to you this dryer costs a pretty penny to the tune of $400. But it is worth every single penny. Its quiet, lightweight, powerful and cuts dry time for us in the salon by half. It also smooths and softens the hair. The price tag is the only con, but Dyson is known for its warranty program being amazing, we can personally attest to this, and this dryer is going to last you for YEARS. In the 6 years our salon has been open we have had at least one client per year come in with a patch of fried off hair from a cheap hair dryer frickizeeing out. This won’t ever happen with a Dyson, you WILL have stronger and healthier hair if you blow dry consistently. You can order through directly but we have discovered that if you’re a Sephora Insider they’ll let you use your discount at their bi-annual sales.

/5// WET Detangling Brush: This brush is simply the best brush we’ve used, and we were committed Paul Mitchell 413 addicts for YEARS. The WET brush has a soft pad but not too soft, perfectly spaced bristles and the matte finish handles are siiiiiilky in your palm. Available dang near everywhere that we’ve seen, these are ok to even buy from the grocery store, they would not be a diverted product. Depending on where you’re shopping we’ve seen them run from $5-15.

/1// Trader Joe’s Natural Facial Cleansing Pads /2// LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Liquid Lipstick /3// Tarte Maneater Mascara /4// Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil

/1// Trader Joes Natural Facial Cleansing Pads: Holy Clean, smooth skin. Also tightens pores. These have Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils in them which are antiseptic for your skin and smell amazing. The pads are slightly textured which helps exfoliate. Break down your makeup with a cleansing oil or wash cloth first and then swipe these over your whole face to go to bed squeaky clean. Available at Trader Joe’s, obviously, a tub of 50 pads runs about $6

/2// LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Liquid Lipstick: Our love for LunatiCK runs deep, so deep. And this liquid lipstick is the best there is. Its matte but not drying, the available colors are beautiful and more are coming out this year and as always everything from this brand is vegan, cruelty and talc free. LOVE. Available here, $18

/3// Tarte Maneater Mascara: Best Mascara of our lives. Perfect rubber brush with small teeth, smooth non clumping formula, lengthens and adds great volume & this stuff doesn’t budge all day but comes off easily with soap or oil and water at night. We stock up on extras every time we see it because its just that good. Available here, $23.

/4// Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil: Theres a reason this oil was considered a gift equal to gold. Its liquid gold. It has many many great uses but it is awesome as an evening facial oil. It has smoothed, softened and helped us dodge wrinkles. For an essential oil its on the pricier end, but compared to your average night cream the cost is about the same. Its all natural too which is always a bonus we love. Available by pre-order through LoCKs Studio or any Young Living Distributor. Appx. $75.

/1// Dr. Axe Keto Collagen /2// Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea /3// Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil Blend /4// Care/Of Subscription Vitamin Packs

/1// Dr. Axe Keto Collagen: This stuff is the fountain of youth y’all. That might be a tad extreme but we have seen and felt some serious results in our skin, hair, nails, joints and overall health since beginning a collagen regimen. Its mostly flavorless but has a slight creaminess to it, super easy to just mix with water and suck it down, not gross at all. Its a great way to start your day, we know of some people who mix it into their coffee. Available here, $50.

/2// Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea: Black Tea is known to have a lot of beneficial properties because of the antioxidant load. This blend is first of all delicious, it also contains cinnamon which is shown to boost metabolism and reduce food cravings. The sweet orange and cloves are both delicious and give a sweet treat without calories that can help curb a sugar craving. Available here, $6

/3// Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil Blend: This blend is a combination of lime and unicorn tears, pretty sure. It does exactly what it says it will do. Its calming, smells like vacation and will zen you out in a hot minute. Can be diffused or applied topically, a good place for this is behind the ears. Available by pre-order at LoCKs Studio or any Young Living Distributor, appx. $23.

/4// Care/Of Subscription Vitamin Packs: These vitamin packs are amazing. You take a quiz online about your health history and they generate a list of vitamins, minerals and supplements that would benefit you. You then get your monthly box with each days pack portioned out in cute little packages with fun facts and inspiring quotes on them. All their products are ethically and naturally sourced providing you with a great product and high purity. Love this brand. Take your quiz here, packs range from $20-120 depending on how much you want to add.

There are other things we could add that we love such as a great water bottle to keep you nice and hydrated (Kanani likes her HydraFlask & Lauren likes her Takeya), a shot of apple cider vinegar & coconut oil for all that ails you, but we kinda felt like those go without saying. We hope you find these lists beneficial! What are some of YOUR favorite products from the last year?

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